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Welcome Neverheadz!

Welcome to seemingly the only community on Livejournal devoted to the... well, whateverthefucktheysoundlike metal band Nevermore. Thrash, progressive, power... I don't know. To be honest, I consider them "technical thrash-influenced heavy metal," but that's just me.

Why is there no Nevermore community? Who knows. So, here it is. Now, I do ask that you fill out the member form [I hate the term 'application' when dealing with non-rating communities] simply so I get to know you better. I don't think it's really that long, and let's face it, filling stuff out is kind of fun!

I'll show you, it's only right I fill this fucker out too:

Name: Aiden Macleod.

Age: 21.

Location: Oxnard, CA - USA.

List any musical instruments you play: Not really, but I'd like to learn the drums so I can pull off some of the psychotic things Van does with double bass drums.

Describe your introduction to Nevermore: A friend told me a lot about them, and recommended picking up Dead Heart In A Dead World. I did, and at first only listened to a few tracks, like Narco, River Dragon, Engines, etc... And then one day, I put it on and listened from start to finish, and then again, and again, and again... And something strange happened. I'd never felt such an intense, unsatisfiable desire to obtain an entire bands discography before. So I went to Amazon.com, snagged up their self-titled, In Memory, Politics, and Dreaming, all for about 40 dollars w/shipping. I've been an apeshit little addict ever since.

Favorite three Nevermore albums: This Godless Endeavor, Dead Heart In A Dead World, The Politics Of Ecstasy.

Favorite ten Nevermore songs: Engines Of Hate, The Heart Collector, We Disintegrate, Medicated Nation, Seed Awakening, Poison Godmachine, The Fault Of The Flesh, Deconstruction, The Tiananmen Man, Born.

Least favorite Nevermore album: Enemies Of Reality.

Have you ever seen Nevermore live or met the band, and if so please describe: No, unfortunately. I wanted to attend Gigantour, but was extremely broke at the time.

List your 5 favorite metal bands aside from Nevermore: Death, Opeth, Suffocation, Symphony X, Iced Earth.

List your 5 favorite non-metal musicians or bands: Ben Folds / Five, Porcupine Tree, David Byrne, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan.

In what way would you like to torture Kelly Gray: Ice-picks through his testicles.

Tell us either:

- Something we may not know about Nevermore's past. >>>
- Something we may not know about Nevermore's future. >>> They're planning on A) doing several U.S. tours after the upcoming European tour, and B) putting out a DOUBLE DVD next year! This all according a new interview on the bands site.
- Where the fuck we can get some frickin' merchandise! >>>

Add a picture of yourself, if you'd like.

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