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New member.



Location:Louisville, KY

List any musical instruments you play:Violin
Describe your introduction to Nevermore:As always, just looking for new music. I picked up Dead Heart in a Dead World, loved it and proceeded to love everything else they did.

Favorite three Nevermore albums:Dead Heart in a Dead World, Dreaming Neon Black, This Godless Endeavor.

Favorite ten Nevermore songs:Poison Godmachine, Heart Collector, Sentient 6, The River Dragon Has Come, Matricide, Believe in Nothing, Dead Heart in a Dead World, I, Voyager, Seven Tongues of God, 42147.

Least favorite Nevermore album: meh. I couldn't say.

Have you ever seen Nevermore live / met the band, and if so please describe:Yes! In Cincy on May 11. Warrel recognized Russell(who I was with) in the crowd from the stage while singing. (He's on the forums a lot) Then we met up with Warrel after the show and talked a bit. He invited us back to the bus, where we met Jeff and Van. It was the best. night. of. my. life. It was just really good to meet the people that comfort me with what they do; also very odd. They are cool guys.

List your 5 favorite bands aside from Nevermore:Type O Negative, Opeth, Death, Otep, Emperor.

List your 5 favorite non-metal musicians or bands: Evanescence, Loreena McKinnett(not really a band), Alice in Chains, Mr. Monster, Outspoken.

In what way would you like to torture Kelly Gray:feeding dirty speghetti until death.

Tell us either:

- Something we may not know about Nevermore's past. >>> One of them is an illegal alien.
- Something we may not know about Nevermore's future. >>> One of them will become an illegal alien.
- Where the fuck we can get some frickin' merchandise! >>>,yo.

Add a picture of yourself, if you'd like.

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