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Emilio Martinez

Ok, my member entry

I know I posted one entry and got on this community w/o havin to do this, but in all fairness, I shall do this!


Name: Emilio

Age: 22

Location: Miami, Florida

List any musical instruments you play: Guitar, Vocals

Describe your introduction to Nevermore: Dead Heart in a Dead World and Enemies of Reality (the original shitty sounding mix) were the two albums from them that I heard in an effort to serach for good metal and broaden my eager ears. I went from intrigued, to hooked, and all the way to placing them as one of my big-time favorite bands especially after purchasing Dreaming Neon Black (that album is still a big-time favorite of mine, and Monica allow me to say I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you check that album out).

Favorite three Nevermore albums:
This Godless Endeavor
Dreaming Neon Black
Dead Heart in a Dead World

Favorite ten Nevermore songs:
-The Godless Endeavor
-Final Product
-Poison Godmachine
-Enemies of Reality
-The Seven Tongues of God
-Beyond Within
-Believe in Nothing
-In Memory

Least favorite Nevermore album: I shall agree with Monica by quoting, "somehow 'least' and 'Nevermore' don't seem like they connect, at all" because she is sooooooooo right! My fave band have come out with seven awesome albums, too awesome for any to be a "least favorite"!

Have you ever seen Nevermore live / met the band, and if so please describe: I saw them at GIGANTOUR, even though only very few people got to see them, they played a ripping set! And Steve Smyth noticed me chanting and singing my ass off along to all the songs and he signaled and smiled. I met them at the FYE booth while they were signing. I had them autograph their pics page on the This Godless Endeavor album booklet as well as their page on the GIGANTOUR tourbook. Steve thanked me for singing along to all the songs, :) and as Warrell Dane signed my stuff I said props on the Porcupine Tree Deadwing tshirt he was wearing.

List your 5 favorite bands aside from Nevermore:
-Dream Theater

List your 5 favorite non-metal musicians or bands:
-Alice in Chains
-Porcupine Tree
-Pink Floyd
-Katatonia (later stuff)

In what way would you like to torture Kelly Gray: Nah, he can live as long as he stays away from ever producing for heavy metal. As Warrell mentioned in his Metal Maniacs interview: "Kelly's a nice guy, but he ain't cut out for metal."

Tell us either:

- Something we may not know about Nevermore's past. >>>
- Something we may not know about Nevermore's future. >>> Uhhhhhhh...how about...Loomis might do a solo album? Well, only cuz he told me he might.
- Where the fuck we can get some frickin' merchandise! >>>

Add a picture of yourself, if you'd like.
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You're the third person to reccomend Dreaming Neon Black to me. Must be a good album! :P

Hmph. Katatonia's still metal. They're just doom metal. They may not be Nevermore, but they're still metal. :(

Thanks for crediting me, by the way. You didn't have to do that.

Who is Kelly Gray anyway? *Blushes.*
Well, yes Dreaming Neon Black is a great album, a conceptual masterpiece I must say! :)

Katatonia, well I only considered them doom metal from first album to Brave Murder Day (and their EP Sounds of Decay), and maybe a little bit of . I didn't really consider their later releases (albums from Tonight's Decision to Viva Emptiness) to be very much so metal (maybe not as before), but I still love em a lot! Jonas Renkse's singing voice is very nice! :)

Crediting I just felt was appropriate, and it's a lil habit of a college student such as myself like when writing papers and shit (sucks being a good student sometimes though lol).

Kelly Gray once played for Queensryche. But I guess years after he was replaced by their latest 2nd guitarist he decided to take a shot at producing some metal. Wasn't a very successful attempt since the original 2003 version of Enemies of Reality (previous album) ended up sounding like shit.

Hope my long-winded reply didn't bore ya, lol! :-P Have a wonderful day!