Lady Novembre (lady_novembre) wrote in engine_of_hate,
Lady Novembre

Name: Monica

Age: 18

Location: California

List any musical instruments you play:
- Electric guitar
- Bass guitar

Describe your introduction to Nevermore: I think I started getting into them once I heard they were going to be on Opeth's tour, so that was fairly recent. *Blushes.* I'd always heard of them before, but I never actually made the effort to get into them. But better late than never, so here I am. I've been listening to This Godless Endeavor ever since Jeff (our lovely mod) sent it to me via AIM after I told him I went out to buy it but ended up not having enough money. If I had the money, I'd buy ALL of their CDs, but I think I'll just start with This Godless Endeavor for now. ;) And I get paid on Friday, so we'll see. Heh.

Favorite three Nevermore albums:
This Godless Endeavor... aaaaand, I have no idea what other albums because I've only heard a couple songs from 3 of their older albums so far. :\ Hey, at least I'm being honest.

Favorite ten Nevermore songs:
- "Final Product"
- "Medicated Nation"
- "Born"
- "Sell My Heart For Stones"
- "The Psalm Of Lydia"
- "This Godless Endeavor"
- "A Future Uncertain"
- "Dead Heart in a Dead World"
- "Believe In Nothing"
- "The River Dragon Has Come"

Least favorite Nevermore album: I don't know yet. But somehow "least" and "Nevermore" don't seem like they connect. At all.

Have you ever seen Nevermore live / met the band, and if so please describe: No. But I WOULD'VE SEEN them on the Opeth tour (if I even go to that) in October, if all the lucky fucking people on the East Coast didn't grab their dates. STUPID CONFLICTING TOUR CRAP! UGH! It would've been awesome: Opeth (my favorite band in all the universe) and Nevermore (a band I'm just getting into which is rising high on the "favorite bands" tier). *Sighs.* Maybe one day...

List your 5 favorite bands aside from Nevermore:
- Opeth
- Soilwork
- Dark Tranquillity
- Chimaira
- Behemoth

List your 5 favorite non-metal musicians or bands:
- Machine Head
- Velvet Acid Christ
- Garbage (old)
- Dido (old)
- Zeromancer

In what way would you like to torture Kelly Gray: By a saw, like so.

Tell us either:

- Something we may not know about Nevermore's past. >>> ---
- Something we may not know about Nevermore's future. >>> ---
- Where the fuck we can get some frickin' merchandise! >>>

Add a picture of yourself, if you'd like.

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