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In Observation, I Analyze...

All The Aspects Of Humanity That I Despise.

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This engine_of_hate... still grinds...

L to R
Steve Smyth – guitars
Jim Sheppard – bass
Van Williams – drums
Warrel Dane – vocals
Jeff Loomis – guitars

Welcome to the unofficial Nevermore livejournal community.
Feel free to post any news, pictures, stories, etc. regarding Nevermore.


I am accepting requests for someone to help me run this big bad motherfucker. Contact me at the email address provided above, or for something more immediate, go to my journal info [ancient_echoes] and leave an instant message for me on AIM.

:: Rules ::

Everything needs rules, otherwise, chaos ensues. Sounds fun, looks fun - but it isn't.

1. Submit the application. Shortly after joining, click the link to the formal member form below [with the appropriate bolding tags already added for your convinience] to fill out. It asks you for information like what albums are your favorites, whether or not you play an instrument, what input you have on the band, things like that.
2. Please keep the posting on topic. Which means anything related to Nevermore, it's members, their side-projects, influences, families, etc.
3. Respect other people and their opinions. I'm a big advocate and believer that people allow their preference of something to interfere with their judgment of how good of quality it truly is, but please refrain from belittling or engaging in otherwise argumentative encounters. A happy community = a happy moderator; that's as simple as it gets. :D

Here as promised is the link to the Formal Member Form.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a rating community. The form for you to fill out is simply requested so that I can get to know each and every member as best as possible. And let's be honest, filling stuff out is kind of fun! I just hope it isn't too long or too much to ask... Let me know, either way.

:: Lyrics/Album Covers ::

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:: Media ::

[Click] | Video for Final Product. [Right click, "Save Target As..."]
[Click] | Video footage from the recording of This Godless Endeavor. [Right click, "Save Target As..."]
[Click] | High resolution cover for This Godless Endeavor by Hugh Syme.
[Click] | Low resolution Nevermore logo.
[Click] | Low resolution image of Warrel Dane.
[Click] | Low resolution image of Jeff Loomis.
[Click] | Low resolution image of Van Williams.
[Click] | Low resolution image of Jim Sheppard.
[Click] | Low resolution image of Steve Smyth.
[Click] | High resolution image of the band.