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Nevermore re-issues their first three albums

NEVERMORE Nevermore, In Memory & The Politics Of Ecstasy re-issues to include exclusive bonus material!

Seattles NEVERMORE have opened their vault unveiling previously unreleased material to be included as bonus content for the September 5th re-issues of their three early releases: Nevermore, In Memory, and The Politics Of Ecstasy. All three classics are presented with revamped artwork, as well as extended liner notes written by metals premier journalist Martin Popoff with contributions from frontman Warrel Dane. All three releases and their bonus content have been remastered as well, intensifying the audio experience.

After the break-up of cult metal band Sanctuary, former members vocalist Warrel Dane, bassist Jim Sheppard, and guitarist Jeff Loomis formed the band NEVERMORE, signing with the then-young metal label Century Media and releasing their self-titled debut in 1995. Century Media is proud to present the original release expanded with five bonus tracks, as well the video for What Tomorrow Knows.

The debuts follow-up was the darker, more melancholic In Memory EP which expanded the bands daringly intense, technically flawless style with an entirely new dimension that is still part of their unique sound. Now featuring exclusive demo recordings, todays version of the EP reaches album length and is an essential collectors item for long-term fans as well as a great starting point for new ones.

NEVERMOREs second full-length album, 1996s The Politics Of Ecstasy, was graced by a monstrous sound and featured songs that have remained fan favorites and in the bands live set. The bands classic cover of Judas Priests Love Bites as well as the video for Next In Line expands this masterly work of lyrical cynicism, depressing moods and brilliant musicianship.

NEVERMORE Nevermore CD Reissue

Original album tracklist:
1. What Tomorrow Knows
2. C.B.F.
3. The Sanity Assassin
4. Garden Of Gray
5. Sea Of Possibilities
6. The Hurting Words
7. Timothy Leary
8. Godmoney

Bonus Tracks:
9. The Systems Failing
10. The Dreaming Mind (unreleased) from Spring 1992 Demo
11. World Unborn (unreleased) from Spring 1992 Demo
12. Chances Three (unreleased) from Spring 1992 Demo
13. Utopia (unreleased) from 1992 Demo
Total running time: 61:54

Video Enhancement: What Tomorrow Knows

NEVERMORE In Memory Reissue

Original EP tracklist:
1. Optimist Or Pessimist
2. Matricide
3. In Memory
4. Silent Hedges / Double Dare
5. The Sorrowed Man

Bonus Tracks:
6. The Tiananmen Man (Demo)
7. The Seven Tongues Of God (Demo)
8. Passenger (Demo)
9. This Sacrament (Demo)
10. 42147 (Instrumental / Demo)
Total running time: 53:17

NEVERMORE The Politics Of Ecstasy CD Reissue

Original album tracklist:
1. The Seven Tongues Of God
2. This Sacrament
3. Next In Line
4. Passenger
5. The Politics Of Ecstasy
6. Lost
7. The Tiananmen Man
8. Precognition (Instrumental)
9. 42147
10. The Learning

Bonus Tracks:
11. Love Bites (Judas Priest cover version)
Total running time: 67:54

Video Enhancement: Next In Line
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