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Ello all!

Name: Cathy


Location: Galway, Ireland

List any musical instruments you play: I'm attempting poorly to learn how to play guitar :(

Describe your introduction to Nevermore: Was out meeting new friends one night, seen someones t-shirt, asked who it was, and got the greatest band in the world speech. Then I went home and listened. They're now my best friends and musical educators, and I'm insane about Nevermore.

Favorite three Nevermore albums: Dead Heart In A Dead World, This Godless Endeavour, Enemies Of Reality

Favorite ten Nevermore songs: The Heart Collector, Final Product, The River Dragon Has Come, I, Voyager, Believe in Nothing, Born, Acid Words, Narcosynthesis, Bittersweet Feast, Medicated Nation, Inside Four Walls

Least favorite Nevermore album: n/a

Have you ever seen Nevermore live / met the band, and if so please describe: No, but will be seeing them at Wacken this August!

List your 5 favorite bands aside from Nevermore: Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, The Cure, Ground Of Ruin, Emperor

List your 5 favorite non-metal musicians or bands: What?

In what way would you like to torture Kelly Gray: um...

Tell us either:

- Something we may not know about Nevermore's past. >>> In the style of Chuck Norris facts, Chuck Norris bred the band in test tubes and then brought them us to be the best ever.
- Something we may not know about Nevermore's future. >>> They're going to take over the world? But we all know this...
- Where the fuck we can get some frickin' merchandise! >>> Make it!

Add a picture of yourself, if you'd like.

Gah ok then...
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